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Doctor of Education - EdD

  • Doctor of Education (Science Education)
  • Doctor of Education (Educational Technology & Multimedia)
  • Doctor of Education (Curriculum Instruction)
  • Doctor of Education (TESOL)

There are two major components in the programme:

  • Coursework (60 units)
  • Research/Dissertation (30 units)
Courses Offered

The Coursework Component
Advanced Research Methodology and Statistics (12 units)
This component aims to enable the candidate to master the process of educational research. The courses deal with various research methods that enable the student to learn research skills, data processing techniques, statistical analysis and the use of computers in data analysis.

Major Areas of Specialisation (28 units)

Candidates have to major one area of specialisationfrom the following:

  • Science Education
  • Educational Technology
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
Cognate or Substantive Courses (20 units)

Candidates are required to select 5 courses from the Master's or Doctoral courses offered by the School of Educational Studies or other Schools that can support or enhance the scope and depth of the candidate's major.

The Dissertation Component

Candidates are required to select a research topic and carry out an intensive research study under the supervision of a lecturer/supervisor and members of the Dissertation Committee.

Admission Requirements

I.     Master degree (Coursework or Mixed Mode)

A) CGPA of at least 3.00 / 4.00; or

B) CGPA of 2.50 - 2.99 with; or

  • Research experience – 2 years; or
  • Professional experience in related field – 2 years; or
  • Two (2) academic publications in the field; or
  • Grade B+ for major/elective courses; or
  • Grade B+ for Coursework Mode or P for Mixed Mode dissertation/project;

II. Training and or professional experience in the field of education.

III. Fulfil other requirements determined by the individual areas of specialisation.

  • Full-time: Min 6 semesters / Max 10 semesters
  • Part-time: Min 8 semesters / Max 14 semesters

Malaysian (MYR)

International (USD)

  • Registration Fee : 310.00
  • Tuition Fee : 525.00 X 90 Units = 47,250.00
  • Convocation Fee : 200.00
  • Registration Fees : 222.50
  • Personal Bond : 1000.00
  • Tuition Fees : 196.25 X 90 Units = 17,662.50
  • Convocation Fee : 50.00