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Academic Staff

Professor Dr. Hairul Nizam Ismail

Educational Psychology

Professor Dr. Hazri Jamil

Curriculum & Pedagogy, Educational Policy and Sociology Studies, Qualitative Research

Professor Dr. Muhammad Kamarul Kabilan Abdullah

Teaching Methods in English Language (TESL)

Associate Professor Dr. Ahmad Tajuddin Othman

Physical Fitness, Health Promotion

Associate Professor Dr. Ahmad Zamri Khairani

Psychometric & Educational Measurement, Teacher Education

Associate Professor Dr. Aswati Hamzah

Educational Psychology, Child development, Moral reasoning (Conventional and Islamic Psychology, Psychological Testing)

Associate Professor Dr. Aziah Ismail

Educational Management, Planning and Policy Education

Associate Professor Dr. Azidah Abu Ziden

Educational Technology, Instructional Design (e-Learning)

Associate Professor Dr. Aznan Che Ahmad

Special Education (Deafness / Blindness / Learning Difficulties / Disabilities & LINUS)

Associate Professor Dr. Lim Hooi Lian

Measurement and Evaluation in Education, Psychometric

Associate Professor Dr. Low Hui Min

Special Education, Speech and Therapy, Language Acquisition in Early Childhood

Associate Professor Dr. Mageswary Karpudewan

Science Education (Chemistry), Environmental Education

Associate Professor Dr. Nik Rosila Nik Yaacob

Islamic Psychology & Counseling, Islamic Education, Educational Psychology, Early Childhood Education

Associate Professor Dr. Nor Shafrin Ahmad

Counselling Psychology, Child and Adolescent Counselling, Mental Health, Crisis and Trauma

Associate Professor Dr. Rabiatul-Adawiyah Ahmad Rashid

Philosophy of Islamic Education, Philosophy of Science in Education

Associate Professor Dr. Rahimi Che Aman

Counsellor Education, Counselling Children & Youth, Mental Health

Associate Professor Dr. Salmiza Saleh

Physics Education, Science and Mathematics Education, Brain Based Education

Associate Professor Dr. Thien Lei Mee

Educational leadership, Instructional leadership, Distributed leadership, Teacher leadership, Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM)

Dr. Fadzilah Amzah

Design Teaching Malay Literature, Curriculum and Pedagogy

Dr. Mohd Norawi Ali

Science Physics Education, Educational Technology

Dr. Wun Thiam Yew

Mathematics Education

Dr. Al-Amin Mydin

Educational Management and Leadership, School Effectiveness, School Improvement, Workplace Spirituality, Teachers’ Organizational Behaviour

Dr. Amelia Abdullah

IT and Multimedia

Dr. Chin Huan

Mathematics Education

Dr. Kimberley Kong

Early Childhood Education, Educational Psychology, Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Ts. Dr. Md Baharuddin Bin Abdul Rahman

Curriculum Development, TVET, Project Based Learning (PjBL), Work Based Learning (WBL), Problem Based Leaning (PBL) & Motivation student for success [NLP]

Dr. Muhammad Zuhair Zainal

Malay Language Education, Malaysian Islamic Education, Malay Pragmatics

Dr. Muzirah Musa

Statistics, Mathematics Education

Dr. Nor Asniza Ishak

Science Education,Biology Education,Curriculum Studies, Curriculum and Pedagogy,Education for Sustainable Development

Dr. Nur Jahan Ahmad

STEM Education, Chemistry Education, Science Education & Curriculum Studies for Science Education

Dr. Nurul Fazzuan Khalid

Counselling & Guidance, Child & Adolescent Counselling, Delinquency

Dr. Rohaya Abdullah

TESL, TESOL, Qualitative Research

Ts. Dr. Rozniza Zaharudin

Educational Technology (ICT), Special Education (The Hearing-Impairment and Deaf)

Dr. Samah Ali Mohsen Mofreh

Developing measurable instrumentations, Assessment and Testing in Teaching and Learning Quantitative Research, English Proficiency and Placement Tests

Dr. Siti Mastura Baharudin

Educational Technology, Instructional Design, ICT

Dr. Siti Zuraidah Md Osman

Educational Technology, TVET Education, Accounting Education

Dr. Syed Mohamad Syed Abdullah

Guidance and Counselling, Counselling Children & Youth

Dr. Yasmin Othman Mydin

Developmental Psychology, Counseling Psychologist, Counseling - on Mental health, Psychotherapist- a Trained Cognitive Behaviour Therapist

Professor Dr. Abdul Ghani Kanesan Abdullah

Educational Management and Administration, Educational Leadership

Professor Dr. Munirah Ghazali

Mathematics Education, Computer Education

Professor Dr. Nordin Abd. Razak

Scale development and Educational measurement, Secondary Data Analysis of International Large-Scale Assessment (ILSA), Data analysis techniques and Statistics, Social Psychology of Education

Associate Professor Dr. Mohamad Hashim Othman

Children and Adolescent Counselling, Career and Vocational Counselling, Drug Abuse Preventive and Education

Associate Professor Dr. Mohammad Zohir Ahmad @ Shaari

Geographical Education, Environmental Education

Associate Professor Dr. Mohd. Jafre Zainol Abidin

TESOL, English for Specific Purposes

Associate Professor Dr. Rohizani Yaakub

Teaching Methods in Language and Malay Literature, Studies Curriculum

Associate Professor Dr. Shaik Abdul Malik Mohamed Ismail

Curriculum and Instruction, Management and Administration, English Language Studies, Primary School Education

Madam Norlida Ahmad

Learning English as a Second Language, Secondary Education, English Literature, Psychology


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