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Workshop: Analysis for Educational Research using R and R Studio

8 March 2024 - A hands-on workshop titled "Analysis for Educational Research Using R and R Studio" was conducted in the Idris Babjee Conference Room, featuring Professor Akihito Kamata, the Director of the PhD Program in Simmons School of Education & Human Development at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Professor Kamata brought his expertise in educational research and statistical analysis to the forefront of this engaging session. According to the coordinator, Associate Professor Dr. Thien Lei Mee, the workshop aimed to equip attendees with practical skills in utilising the latest R and R Studio for data analysis in educational research. Such analyses cater to the growing demand for proficiency in statistical software among educators and researchers. 

Throughout the workshop, Professor Kamata provided comprehensive guidance on navigating R and R Studio, ensuring that participants gained a solid understanding of essential functions and commands for basic descriptive analysis. From importing datasets to conducting complex statistical tests, attendees were given step-by-step instruction on how to utilise available packages, such as the psych or lavaan for basic and advanced analysis. His interactive teaching style and personalised support fostered an environment conducive to learning, empowering participants to overcome challenges and develop confidence in utilizing R for their research endeavours. 

The workshop was held with open discussions, allowing attendees to delve deeper into specific topics, troubleshoot issues, and share insights and best practices. The collaborative atmosphere facilitated knowledge exchange among participants from diverse educational backgrounds, ranging from expert researchers cum lecturers to PhD and EdD graduate students. As a result, the workshop not only equipped attendees with practical skills in data analysis but also fostered a sense of community and collaboration, reaffirming the importance of continuous learning and professional development in advancing educational research and practice.