Dr. Muhammad Zuhair Zainal

Dr. Muhammad Zuhair Zainal has graduated from University Putra Malaysia (UPM). He has 15 years of working experience in teaching Malay Language and Islamic Education in schools of Malaysia Ministry of Education. During those periods, he has been teaching for eight years in The Cluster School of Excellence and High Performance School. He used to be teaching Special Education subjects and has been appointed as senior assistant of Special Education Programme in two schools. He has been involved in various activities regarding to Malay Language and Islamic Studies in states, national and international level. His main research area is in pragmatics in education, especially in Malay Language and Islamic studies teaching and learning aspect. Other than that, he has involved in pedagogy and curricular research. He also has interest in literature studies and special education. 
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Fax : 604 657 2907
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Qualifications : PhD (Malay Language (pragmatics) (UPM); MMalayLang (Psycholinguistics) (UPM); BA (Literature & Malay Linguistics) (UPM); DipEd (Islamic Studies & Malay Language Studies) (MPI); CertIslamicMedical (Darussyifa’); CertIslamicStudies (Thanawi) (YIK).
Expertise : Malay Language Education, Malaysian Islamic Education, Pedagogy and Teaching Method, Pragmatics and Malay Language Grammar
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