Associate Professor Dr. Tan Kok Eng

Tan Kok Eng (PhD) is Associate Professor at the School of Educational Studies, Universiti Sains Malaysia. She has served as Chair of the B.Ed. (TESOL) program for a number of years. She teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses and supervises Master's and PhD students. Her research interests include English literacy, writing practices, ELT, TESOL and educational research. Her work has been published in both local and international journals. She is a reviewer of several journals as well as examiner of master's and doctoral theses.
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Fax : 604 657 2907
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Qualifications : B.Sc.Ed.; M.Ed. (USM); Ph.D.(Monash)
Expertise : TESOL, ESL Writing, Educational Research


Book Publication
  • Tan, K. E., Ng, Melissa, L. Y., & Saw, K. G. (2011). What do Malaysian adolescents read/write about in English on the Internet? USM: Basic Educational Research Unit. ISBN:978-967-399-032-0
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  • Tan K.E., Norlida Ahmad, Anna Christina Abdullah, Mohamad Jafre Zainol Abidin & Muhammad Kamarul Kabilan Abdullah (2012). InSPIRE II English, Level 1, Unit 5: My Family, Learner's Pack. Sabah Foundation. ISBN 978-967-399-130-3 
Chapter In Research Book 
  • Tan, K. E. (2008). School Writing and Teachers' Professional Development: A Sociocultural Perspective. In M. K. Kabilan & M. E. Vethamani (Eds.), Qualitative Studies on English Language Teacher Development (pp. 105-127). Petaling Jaya: Sasbadi Sdn. Bhd.
Journal Publication
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Conference Proceeding
  • Abdul Rashid Mohamed, Shaik Abdul Malik Mohamed Ismail, Munirah Ghazali, Abdul Ghani Abdullah, Sharifah Norhaidah Syed Idros, Mohammad Kamarul Kabilan, Norlida Ahmad, Leong L. M., Tan K. E., Fong, S. F. & Termit Kaur (2007). A Prototype Electronic Lesson Generator for Malaysian Teachers. Institution Paper presented at the 2007 National Seminar of the Coordinating Committee for Teacher Education (JPPG), 18 - 20 Nov 2007, Seremban, Malaysia. Pp.80-88.
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  • Tan, B. H. & Tan, K. E. (2012). Grammar Instruction: "Six Tales of Two Cities." Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Linguistics, Literature and Culture, 7-9 November 2012, Penang, Malaysia.
Academic Recognition
  • Gold Medal/Professor Zainal Datuk Ghani Award for the best student in the Master of Education by Coursework, 1998, Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • Monash Graduate Scholarship to pursue a PhD, 2002 -2005, Monash University, Australia
  • Monash Postgraduate Travel Grant Award, 2003, Monash University, Australia
  • Monash University Education Faculty Research Fund, Individual Research Project (Students), 2004, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Publication Award (Hadiah Sanjungan 2007, penulis bersama) for an ISI paper in British Journal of Educational Technology. 
  • Excellent Service Award, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 2009
  • Publication Award (Hadiah Sanjungan 2011) for an ISI paper in The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher,
  • Bronze Medal for the entry of CHALLENGE (a language game) to the Malaysian Technology Expo 2011. This game was jointly developed with four other researchers.
  • Editor of the English Teacher Journal, Malaysian English Language Teaching Association, 2008-2010, 2010-2012, 2012-2014
  • Editor of the Malaysian Education Deans' Council Journal, 2008-2012
Research Grant

As Lead Researcher

  • What do Malaysian adolescents read/write about in English on the Internet? USM Short Term grant, 15 March 2007 – 14 March 2009. 
  • ESL teachers' literacy practices and their concerns over the integration of digital technologies in the classroom. Research University Grant, 15 April 2009 – 14 April 2011. 
  • Developing WebQLM modules to enhance motivation, collaborative learning and argumentative writing of ESL learners. USM Short Term grant, 15 October 2012 – 14 October 2014

As Co-Researcher

  • National Grid Computing Technology Roadmap: E-Lesson Creator, sponsored by MIMOS, 2006. 
  • Writing of Teaching & Learning Modules for English subject. InSPIRE II – Phase 2 (Sabah Foundation). Pembinaan Modul Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran - Subjek Bahasa Inggeris. Geran Penyelidikan Projek InSPIRE II – Fasa 2 (Yayasan Sabah). June 2008 – present.
  • A study on the Future Directions of Education Faculties in Malaysian Public Universities. 2010 (Kajian Hala Tuju Bidang Pendidikan IPTA), Malaysian Education Deans Council, 1 May - 31 Dec 2010
  • Employability of disabled young adults in Malaysia: Bridging the school-work transitiional gap. Research University grant. Dec 2007 – 2010
  • Communication and Language used in Mathematics Classroom Discourse. Fundamental Project grant. Nov 2007- Dec 2009.
  • A nationwide research on English Language teachers' professional development. Research University Grant. 2008 - 2011
  • The Impact of an International Field Experience on Malaysian TESOL Preservice Teachers: The Professional, Psychological and Sociological Dimensions, Research University grant. October 2009 – October 2011
  • Penilaian Murid, Guru dan Ibu Bapa Terhadap Kerja Rumah di Sekolah Rendah Pulau Pinang (Assessment of Homework by students, teachers and parents of Primary Schools in Penang). USM Short Term grant, Dec 2006 – Nov 2008. 
  • Phonological Acquisition of Malay-English Bilingual Children. USM short term grant. 1 June 2012 – 31 May 2014.